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TECH-ART: Soul for Technology™ : Exhibition of New Works by Leon Reid

For over two years I've been developing a new body of artwork in my Brooklyn studio. In that time, great effort has been made to keep the work secret. Blinds were installed over the work and quickly dropped before guests arrived. At home, work was slipped under the bed when company was expected.

Original artwork is often born of isolation and freedom of thought. My intent was to keep the work classified in order to preserve authenticity throughout the creative process so that once the work was visible, it would be evident as the work of one individual.

This new body of work illustrates my personal interpretation of a 21st Century language many around the world understand.


Leon Reid IV Studio. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The language is digital, miniature and displayed across a billion devices. To my knowledge, no other artist has made a serious attempt to depict this language wholesale in traditional drawing, painting and sculpture. Like my urban artwork of the past 20 years, the new work injects human emotion into an otherwise functional form of communication.

Furthermore, I've experimented with alternate methods of authentication and branding. I've taken a standard forensic practice and used it to supplement to the conventional artist's signature. Additionally, I've applied trademark to specific categories of work so that both the copyright to the artwork, and it's subsequent branding is rightfully owned.

This new work couldn't have been developed without investors in the Leon Reid IV Patronage Program. [PDF] I am thankful to my Patrons for allowing me the time and space to develop this work on my own terms. Thanks to those who gave feedback on the work at the studio after signing a N.D.A! Thanks to my beautiful daughter Holly and wife Caroline for your inspiration, to my mother Janet and father Leon for unconditional love.

This new body of artwork is hereby titled:

TECH-ART: Soul For Technology