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The Dither Extravaganza! is a raucous festival of creative music and art hosted by the electric guitar quartet Dither. The Extravaganza showcases a cross-section of New York’s diverse experimental music scene, featuring artists whose backgrounds span jazz, classical, metal, pop, electronica and the avant garde. The event has been dubbed an “official concert on the edge” by The New Yorker and ”the here and now of New York’s postclassical music scene” by Time Out NY.

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8:00 PM20:00

The Troubadour of Brooklyn Presents: Lord Youth, Will Croxton and Jose Rodriquez

The Troubadour of Brooklyn @ Frost Theater of the Arts in Williamsburg is a bi-monthly event intended to showcase the works of troubadours from Brooklyn, works of troubadours from the U.S and from around the world. It will be also an opportunity for Brooklyn audiences to be exposed to the tradition of Trova and how it has developed to its modern form. Created By Javier Hernandez-Miyares & Roberto Poveda.

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7:00 PM19:00

Brown Don't Drown Exhibition and Party

Brown Don't Drown" is a collaboration between Brownboyz and badass Browngirlz... 

* Installation by Lunar New Year, Mata Ruda and Sean 9 Lugo
* Unannounced surprises
* Perreo, chisme y veladoras

Featuring art from:
Don Rimx
Josean Rivera
Joseph Perez
Lou Pimentel
Lucinda Yrene
Lunar New Year
Mata Ruda
Ricardo Cabret
Sean 9 Lugo
Zeh Palito

*More artists to be announced*

All artwork is 9" x 12" and $200 a pop.

Curated by Savage Habbit
Co-Curated by Ellis Gallagher
Sponsored by the New Jersey Beer Company

#browndontdrown #brownboyz #BadassBrowngirlz

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8:00 PM20:00

Lord Youth EP Release Party and Live Performance



All the songs on this record are ostensibly about the relationship between an old wooden ship and the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.


This album was recorded in an old blacksmith’s shop in Berlin, Germany. We had to take down steel beams and build a whole new room to keep some sound in and other sound out. We installed a large, stained glass-window that bathed the tracking room in reds and greens and blues when the sun was in the right position. I listened to Skip James and Ege Bamyasi and read William Vollmann. I biked across an old airport every morning. Someone would start playing and slowly we would build a structure around the idea. 


It took two summers to finish the album. We tracked dozens of songs and whittled them down to these six.


If you want to hear how we recorded them, come to this release show and buy the 10” vinyl. If you want to hear how other people play them, come to the release show and listen to six other artists cover the six songs. We will play a set of all new material afterwards.

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7:00 PM19:00

I'd Rather be Making Art: Group Exhibition


Alani Cruz & Friends. 
Curated by Jah Jah Brown, René Harriman & Ellis Gallagher. 

A show / Benefit for ALANI CRUZ & EAST NBT. 

Displaying the beauty of friendship and brotherly and sisterly love of NYC and beyond with works from artists: 

Alani Cruz
Tui Tekaaho
Kailas Gurung
Jah-Jah Azie Brown
René Harriman Clegg

About the artists:

Alani Cruz
Born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan/Harlem. He shows the Big Apple's heart and soul through his photos and interactions. Also a silent man, with the contrast of his travels through living in Japan and Berlin, he points out the human race as equals and not class, religion or culture. Just the common reality of equal emotion.
(Rest in peace Alani Cruz )

East NBT
New York raised who has seen more of New York than most.

Tui Tekaaho
Queens, NY raised New Yorker who shows the everyday, working class 9-5er's human interaction with life and their microcosms colliding. A true example of "You Dont See That Every Day" 
but you surely do ...

Kailas Gurung
English bred photographer who captures daily life on home soil and abroad. Travelling frequently to Nepal and Singapore his work covers many cultures and scapes. 

Jah-Jah Azie Brown
A Bronx born artist, writer, poet, musician and general humanitarian. Childhood friend of Alani Cruz, he also has travelled the globe performing, meeting and creating. Documenting most of it on an old camera Alani gave him. 

René Harriman Clegg
An Englishman who has been exploring New York since the age of 17. A healthy obsession with documenting life and the people in his.

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7:00 PM19:00

TECH-ART: Soul for Technology™ : Exhibition of New Works by Leon Reid

For over two years I've been developing a new body of artwork in my Brooklyn studio. In that time, great effort has been made to keep the work secret. Blinds were installed over the work and quickly dropped before guests arrived. At home, work was slipped under the bed when company was expected.

Original artwork is often born of isolation and freedom of thought. My intent was to keep the work classified in order to preserve authenticity throughout the creative process so that once the work was visible, it would be evident as the work of one individual.

This new body of work illustrates my personal interpretation of a 21st Century language many around the world understand.


Leon Reid IV Studio. Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The language is digital, miniature and displayed across a billion devices. To my knowledge, no other artist has made a serious attempt to depict this language wholesale in traditional drawing, painting and sculpture. Like my urban artwork of the past 20 years, the new work injects human emotion into an otherwise functional form of communication.

Furthermore, I've experimented with alternate methods of authentication and branding. I've taken a standard forensic practice and used it to supplement to the conventional artist's signature. Additionally, I've applied trademark to specific categories of work so that both the copyright to the artwork, and it's subsequent branding is rightfully owned.

This new work couldn't have been developed without investors in the Leon Reid IV Patronage Program. [PDF] I am thankful to my Patrons for allowing me the time and space to develop this work on my own terms. Thanks to those who gave feedback on the work at the studio after signing a N.D.A! Thanks to my beautiful daughter Holly and wife Caroline for your inspiration, to my mother Janet and father Leon for unconditional love.

This new body of artwork is hereby titled:

TECH-ART: Soul For Technology


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to Mar 6

Saturday March 5th 6 PM to 1 AM Michael Alan the living installation @ 17 frost The human Puppet {theory} Hosted by Burben Bill, BiZZid and thick long cock.

Mike Alan Alien has continued to produce a massive live happenings of bodies as living breathing artworks for 15+ years in a spectacular live exhibition known as the living installation.  

The sights and sounds are something to behold, the artist himself rapping poetic words over otherworldly mixes, spray painting on canvases, creating works within works on bodies and paper, creating a whole new world writhing in paint within 17 Frost Gallery. March 5th, he returns to 17 Frost with the Human puppet theory, described as

“a dark satire on how as humans, we are puppets, and how to break free”.

Michael Alan, the drugged puppet maker , will work with 9 models live on stage and build them and move their bodies as they do the same to him, flesh and heads and they will learn what real freedom is!  Eat him or care for him, or kill goats!…… A wild surreal drama. There are no words to truly describe the action. It’s a must see to satisfy your curiosities.

Ft. Live music by Tim “Love” Lee, Michael Alan Alien with Dj Bard, and Ramsey Jones!!!!! {special guest fUCKYEAHFRED}

Performers: Garry e Boake. Mimi mummy. mckenzzzziiie. Suzy Q. Mike Alan Alien, Nick Geenwald,  Kimtacular,  Sagan Shannon, Hali Milner, Jennifer Lopez, Anna J Witiuk

Live tats By Val from Sins and Needles all night!!!!!!

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8:30 PM20:30

Ramble! Live Music in the 17 Frost Theater

The Sinners
The Horse-Eyed Men
The Tiny Loves Dancers
Junk Boys (
The Thrill Sergeants

We’re co-hosting this one with The Quiet American, a semi-chronicle publication featuring a pure breed of New York's visual, literary, and critical talent celebrating the publication of its first issue! $5 gets you a numbered copy and admission to the night, which features the primitive and hypnotic talents of the bands listed above.



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8:00 PM20:00

Roberto Poveda presents the Troubadour of Brooklyn: Featuring a performance by Evaristo Machado

Evaristo is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. His CD, "Siempre Que Llueve… (After the Rain…)", combines Cuban rhythms with Latin pop, rock and urban to create a brand new sound. Available on iTunes, it features some of Toronto’s best Canadian and Cuban musicians. Born in Havana, Evaristo now makes Toronto home, where he performs with his group, as well as in solo shows on his guitar, mixing his own material with more traditional sounds such as Cuban Son and songs from the Cuban ‘Trovador’ tradition. 

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8:00 PM20:00

Gertrudes album release party

Performances by:

James Moore & Andie Springer

(featuring music from Gertrudes)

Scorpion vs Snake

(Nathan Koci, accordion; Emily Hope Price, cello and voice)

Reena Spaulings Band

(Richard Maxwell, Jim Fletcher and friends)

James Moore & Andie Springer celebrate the release of their debut album Gertrudes on New World Records with a night of music, art and merriment at the 17 Frost Theater and Gallery in Williamsburg! Coinciding with the art opening OCHO, James & Andie will be joined by an eclectic line-up of talented friends from many corners of the music, theater and art world. Please join us for a lively evening of extended techniques, folk music and whiskey!

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