Established in 2006, 17 Frost Gallery is one of the most exciting and experimental production spaces in New York City.

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a dynamic facility 17 Frost Gallery hosts a variety of art shows, music performances, film screenings, and more.

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Rena Southern

“Sometimes It Feels Like This”

Rena Southern is a singer-songwriter, artist, and mother. “Sometimes It Feels Like This” is her first exhibition at 17 Frost Gallery.

Her work in this exhibit is a combination of geometry, figuration, symbolism and language. While abstract, the aim is to describe and embody definitive ideas, emotions and/or stories. Love, in all its beauty and devastation, is this workʼs recurring theme. The process for these paintings were intuitive and emotional but also carefully considered, resulting in a marriage between action and surrender. As love necessitates surrender and growth necessitates action, growing in love requires both. “Sometimes It Feels Like This” is a play within that exchange.

Five years ago Rena moved from Brooklyn, NY to the island of St. Lucia and it has been an art fest ever since.

Visit for more of her art and music.

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