Established in 2006, 17 Frost Gallery is one of the most exciting and experimental production spaces in New York City.

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a dynamic facility 17 Frost Gallery hosts a variety of art shows, music performances, film screenings, and more.

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The proliferation of non advertising, non political works on paper (street art posters), illicitly pasted on exterior walls along roads and avenues throughout the world began with the “art militia” AVANT in New York City in 1980. Around the same time Keith Haring started doing his chalk drawings in the MTA subways, and Richard Hambleton began his famed Shadowman series. AVANT also displayed their works in nightclubs, galleries, museums, and just about anyplace available until disbanding in 1984.

Their efforts then, and the attention they received, contributed immeasurably to the formation and popularity of street art now. Today there remain two of the original members alive and actively creating and exhibiting art: David Fried, and the founder of the movement, Christopher Hart Chambers. Both have since flourished in their independent careers with dozens of solo exhibitions internationally. This exhibition, the first AVANT exhibition in over 35 years will feature an installation of brand new, one-off (unique) AVANT posters, historic documentation of the entire group’s seminal efforts in the form of limited edition prints, and select recent works.

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